Senior Software Engineer




Berlin / Remote

Job Description

You’ll join Antler as a Senior Software Engineer in our small, agile team working on building the best platform for startups.

Antler, globally, in three years of operating, has grown to have a presence in 14 cities around the world, including offices in most major startup ecosystems, such as New York, Berlin, London, Singapore and Sydney.

This role is remote-first, however would prefer someone located in Berlin to co-locate with other team members from time to time as we believe creativity happens when humans come together in the real world. More importantly though, we are outcome focused and support flexible working hours and locations so that you can simultaneously do your best work AND live your best life. 

Note: Interested in the role but aren’t based in Berlin? Don’t worry. We believe exceptional talent trumps location. Apply now! 

What we offer 

  • Competitive salary plus opportunity to earn carried interest in the Antler Fund.
  • Full ownership and accountability. What you do matters. You’ll see the fruits of your labour and be a vital member in a strong team. 
  • No more meaningless Zoom meetings. We’re an action oriented team, on a mission. 
  • No monolithic mess - up to date code base with opportunity to create new platforms from scratch.
  • No need to write a meaningless cover letter rephrasing the values section of the Antler website. In fact, we should be writing a cover letter about why we want to work with you! 

What you’ll do

  • Own scalable and maintainable code all the way through to production and verify it’s solving the right problem for the customer. 
  • Ship fast, small increments to iterate quickly towards building working software.
  • Understand the reasoning behind product decisions and contribute to implementation and architecture discussions.
  • Support other engineers through peer code reviews and constructive discussions that concern architecture, data model, and feature implementation decisions. 
  • When you do it, you nail it. We’ve iterated quickly to find product market fit and get to where we are. In 2022, we’re turning our attention to quality. We are looking for someone who doesn’t half-ass their work. What you ship is top-notch! 

Skills and experience we are looking for 

  • 4 years of experience in an engineering role at a software company, bonus points for working in a high-growth startup.
  • Strong in: React, TypeScript, Node.js, and Google Cloud/Firebase (Auth, Firestore, Storage, Functions, Cloud Run, etc).
  • Experience in front-end engineering and API design and implementation.
  • Ability to write high-performance, reusable code for UI components, including appropriate testing.
  • The desire to work in a collaborative software development environment with tangible outcomes.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t tick all the boxes. We understand that experience comes in all shapes and sizes. If you think you’d be a good fit, click “Apply”!