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Every startup's story begins with remarkable people. Technologists, creators, thinkers and builders. At The Antler India Residency, we are bringing exceptional builders together to meet, learn and co-create. Apply to be a part of India's most exclusive community of aspiring founders, where you can find a co-founder to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey. Applications close on May 31, 2022.

The Antler India Residency

The Antler India Residency is India’s most exclusive community of aspiring founders, with a set of interventions and activities designed to forge meaningful connections and collaborations. Ultimately, the Residency’s goal is to help you find the ideal co-founder, a long-term and enduring partnership between builders. The Residency is a space for anyone who is actively ideating, tinkering, building, or taking the first steps in their entrepreneurial journey.

Meet fellow world-class operators who are committed to starting up, spend a targeted 14-weeks at the Residency, and find a co-founder whom you may not have crossed paths with otherwise. 

At the end of the Residency, all teams have the opportunity to present to the Antler India Investment Committee for investment. We back you as people at the Residency, and we back you as first believers in your new venture.

Residency Details

An exclusive community of aspiring founders

Residency participants represent the top 1% operators dedicated to kickstarting their entrepreneurial journey. You will be a part of a community with diverse functional and domain skill sets – from a Head of Engineering at a high-growth startup to a climate expert ideating across multiple solutions. The bottom line? Everyone will be looking to meet the right co-founder and jumpstart an incredible venture.

A scientific process to forge connections

We are not a speed-networking platform. We are not just putting you in a room to socialize. Globally, Antler has conducted 65+ cohorts across 17 locations and developed a scientific approach to forging deep, long-lasting connections between like-minded individuals with complementary skill sets. Our proprietary methodology has resulted in successful matches for over 2000 founders and investments in over 380 companies.

A platform to build a startup

After finding your co-founder and honing your idea, we will provide support to help you build out the first version of your product - from customer validation to MVP to thinking about go-to-market strategy - through dedicated pod sessions and office hours. If we can't help you with something, we'll find someone in our global network of 600+ advisors who can.

Your first believers and capital backers

We understand that every individual also has a set of financial responsibilities, and we do not want financial limitations to limit anyone from their potential. All Antler India Residency participants receive a stipend of INR 1,00,000 per month for 3 months (incl. Phase 2 of the Residency). After the Investment Committee, we offer select teams USD 270K for 9% equity. Furthermore, we work closely with all portfolio companies to help raise the next seed round and continue investing more into our portfolio companies as they scale with the aim to be a partner throughout the journey to an exit or IPO.

Building, the Antler way

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Who can apply?

The Antler India Residency is for the top 1% builders and operators who are absolutely certain they want to dedicate their next chapter to entrepreneurship. Here is what that may look like:

  • You are a senior leader in a high-growth startup who is certain that you want to build something of your own, but have not had time to explore any concrete ideas or potential co-founders
  • You are an engineer excited about emerging technologies and want to start building right away 
  • You have built engineering teams at large companies and now want to start out on your own
  • You are a domain expert who has validated a few ideas and are looking for complementary co-founders to kickstart your venture
  • You have already started up as an individual or small co-founding team but are looking for a critical co-founder with specific skill-sets or knowledge

Entrepreneurship is one of the most difficult yet rewarding paths in life. At The Antler India Residency, we want to ensure that all participants are fully committed to the journey, and can reap the full benefits of the Residency. Thus, we require all applicants to be free from any formal jobs: you should have either quit, are actively serving notice, or are on a formal sabbatical before the Residency starts on 20th June.

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Meet world-class builders and find your co-founder.

Applications live now.
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  • The Antler India Residency is India's most exclusive community of aspiring founders, where you can find a co-founder to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey. Through this platform, we are bringing exceptional builders together to meet, learn and co-create - with a set of interventions and activities designed to forge long-term and enduring partnerships.

    For any queries, write to us at india-residency@antler.co.

    For more details on eligibility, please check out the FAQ section.

    Applications close on May 31, 2022.

The Schedule

Phase 1: Find your co-founder(s)

During Phase 1 at Antler India Residency, you will have the opportunity to meet 60 to 75 exceptional individuals from both diverse backgrounds, all passionate about building a successful startup.

The cohort will embark on an intense two months of activities designed to maximize their time with each other. This includes an immersive outdoor experience, collaborative side projects and carefully crafted nudges to help you find your ideal co-founder.

Phase 2: Build your idea into a startup

Once you identify the right co-founder(s) to work with, you will start the building process. In Phase 2, you will spend time identifying and validating a problem to solve, as well as executing that idea. You will be part of a supportive environment to iron out what to build, and start transforming your idea into a startup. Throughout, you will have access to team office hours and sessions led by functional experts across product, design, marketing and sales, amongst others. In addition, we have planned custom modules for developers and engineers in the cohort, hosted by tech specialists who transitioned into being founders, to help make the mindset shift from technology operators to leaders. 

At this stage, you will have 4-6 weeks’ time before you pitch to us to be eligible for funding.

Phase 3: Get funding and fund-raising support

For select teams that receive funding from Antler India, you will work extremely closely with our Portfolio team and overall organization to build from 0 to 1. You will have access to all Antler India portfolio resources to help you scale your business, prepare for next-round fundraise, and develop as a founder and human being – including partner time, access to Antler’s global portfolio platform, a dedicated advisory group, and more. Multiple Antler India portfolio companies have raised next rounds from Tier 1 VCs.

Learn more about The Antler India Residency

Join Rajiv (Partner, Antler India) and Nandini (Program Director, Antler India) to get all your questions about The Antler India Residency answered. Joining them is Veena Gopal, Co-founder of Salesbeat, who was a part of a similar cohort in Stockholm and found her co-founder and kickstarted her entrepreneurial journey.

Where and when?

Thursday, May 19th, 1:30 pm

RSVP and Details

Companies founded at Antler

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This is one of the best career decisions I've made. I was looking for a co-founder and guidance to proceed with my idea. Antler was able to help with both. 

Veena Giridhar Gopal

Co-founder & CEO, Salesbeat


Key Dates

Applications open on April 18, 2022
Applications close on May 31, 2022
Residency starts on June 20, 2022

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India Portfolio Companies

  • PeakPerformer

    PeakPerformer helps an organization enable, empower and upskill leaders at all levels.

  • Bookee

    All-in-one platform to manage & grow online + offline fitness business. Scheduling, sales & marketing tools for yoga studios, fitness studios & gyms.

  • codedamn

    codedamn enables people to practice coding concepts while they're learning them. We do this by giving them a real coding environment within browser.

  • The State Plate

    The State Plate is an e-commerce company on a mission to sell high-quality, authentic regional food products from states across India.

  • Bold Finance

    Bold Finance aims to revolutionize the ~$85 billion unorganized gold loan market, by leveraging existing jeweller networks to source and dispense gold loans.

  • Invact Metaversity

    A platform built at the intersection of education and Web3 with the aim to make education more accessible and inclusive, providing the real-time experience of attending a university in a virtual world.

  • Flint

    Leveraging the power of cryptocurrency, Flint offers a range of passive investment assets to its users.

  • IndiaP2P

    A new-age platform for high-yield investment products composed of curated retail loans that earn yields up to 18% per annum.

  • PulsOps

    PulsOps is a no-code observability and analytics platform for high-velocity operations teams.

  • Gladful

    Gladful is an online protein foods brand for kids and families that combines formulation innovation, fantastic taste and nutritional functionality.

  • Humit

    Humit is a bite-sized audio sharing and discovery platform that turns music into a social-first experience.

  • Flow Club

    Flow is building a social investing app for millennials and Gen-Z.

About Antler India

Launched in 2020, Antler India is on the path of deploying $100M in India in the next 3 years, backing the country’s most exceptional founders. We are a startup’s first institutional backers. We currently do pre-seed investments in the range of $250k for earliest stage founders, even at a concept or idea stage. Moreover, we are a rare global institutional fund dedicated to this stage in India, and we can support founders through multiple stages in the first 4-5 years of the journey with significant reserve capital for future rounds.

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