Startup Series: Meet Done

Meet the Done team! Malin Granlund, CEO, and Alek Åström CTO, explain how they want to revive an industry that has been the most complained about in Sweden for over twelve years (Swedish Consumer Agency, 2017).

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By building a marketplace for home improvement and renovation, Done connects contractors to customers and simplifies the service process by replacing home visits with video calls. They are rapidly becoming the leading marketplace for home improvement in the Nordics by owning the end-to-end user experience and data on transactions & quotes.


Malin Granlund: Done is an app where you get easy access to quality home contractors for whatever you need to get fixed at your house. You show via video call what you need help with, and then you receive a quote, replacing the otherwise very time consuming and usual home visit. This is not only convenient for you as a consumer, it also saves businesses huge amounts of time for businesses.

Alek Åström: Being the force which helps consumers and businesses connect makes us tick, and after finding out that the home improvement industry was the most complained about in Sweden for over twelve years, we knew we had to do something about it. 

Alek Åström: So what are the problems? Well for contractors, many jobs in private homes have low margins because expensive home visits are part of the sales process. Sometimes, businesses won't even accept jobs smaller jobs for this reason. For consumers, the market is a minefield where you have to avoid unserious actors try to make a quick buck. Thus, finding a quality contractor that you can trust and is available can be difficult. The most common way today is by asking friends or blindly searching online, and when comparing to how we consume other services in 2019, this feels ancient. 

Malin Granlund: Let's say you want a few rooms painted at home. You start by booking a video call and one of our carefully vetted contractors will call you up through our app and you can show in real time what you want help with. After the call, you receive a quotation, and once you have accepted the quotation, you can keep on communicating with the contractor in the app, so all the information is safely stored in the app and you can avoid any type of misunderstanding.

Gadzji Magomedov: It’s an easy way to get in contact with the customer. You don’t have to go home to the customer, you can just call them via video call and see what it looks like. You can then leave a quotation almost directly and thereby save a lot of travel time.

Alek Åström: Long term, we want to become a positive force within the home renovation industry, and help change its tarnished reputation. We already see how businesses in our network help each other out and grow through us, and that's where we want to keep doing.

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