Energy, property, mobility: Antler to focus on industries with high potential for innovation in Norway

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Antler has launched in Norway with a mission to enable exceptional individuals to build global businesses in industries with high potential for innovation: energy, property, mobility.

Antler, a global startup generator and early-stage VC fund, recruits talented professionals to join a six-month program designed to support them in finding co-founders to build and grow a business that will go on to solve some of the most crucial problems of tomorrow.

Three industries with high potential for innovation in Norway

Norway has proven to be a welcoming market for innovative technologies such as electrical vehicles. The country is not only an efficient test market but the startup ecosystem has been growing rapidly in recent years and now is booming with entrepreneurs ready to build global businesses. 

The Antler team in Oslo has identified three verticals ripe with potential for disruption in the upcoming years in Norway: energy, property, and mobility.


Norway has one of the most electricity-intensive energy systems in the world. There are major opportunities to disrupt energy production, storage, distribution, and optimized usage using the latest technologies.


Due to the increasing population, low unemployment rate and high purchasing power, real estate development is booming in Oslo. The recent availability of relevant data in combination with forward-leaning property developers has led to a fast-growing PropTech environment.


With technological advancements such as IoT, 5G, and automation, there are now growing opportunities to disrupt the whole transportation and telecommunication ecosystems from micro-mobility to shipping and communications. Norway has already proven itself as a pioneer in the early adoption of new mobility technologies such as electric vehicles.

Partnerships with industry experts to offer a major advantage for future founders 

Founders from the Oslo cohort benefit from exclusive insights from industry and academic partners. The partners help founders to identify market opportunities and to build and develop their ideas using real-world data. These partnerships also play a key role in supporting founders in their idea validation process. 

Antler Oslo’s official partners include:

A six-month program designed to build the next wave of disruptive startups in Norway

The Antler program is designed to enable the world’s most brilliant and determined people to build global businesses from scratch. 

We help entrepreneurs find the right co-founder and connect them to a top tier network of advisors and experts worldwide. Antler provides funding from day one to support founders building businesses they will own and run, and that can positively impact local, regional and global economies.

Through its eight locations worldwide, Antler has received over 20,000 applications, selected over 1000 founders and generated 120+ startups from the programs.

Companies that have been generated in the program across the globe include the likes of:

  • Sampingan: A platform helping companies acquire partners and customers using a network of trained and vetted agents.
  • Airalo: The world's first eSIM store which enables you to have access to 100+ eSIMs from around the world.
  • Cognicept: A human-in-the-loop teleoperation service that can be utilised to reduce mobile robot failure rates.
  • Skyqraft: Unmanned, safe-to-fly fixed-wing drones that allow you to conduct inspections without a human.

Are you ready to start your entrepreneurial journey in Oslo? 

Taking the decision to start your own business isn’t easy. Antler aims to lower the barriers to entrepreneurship. We select the most brilliant professionals and offer the necessary support to help them find the ideal co-founders and help them test and validate their ideas to transform them into successful companies. 

Antler Oslo is currently seeking entrepreneurial minds motivated to build the next wave of companies tackling challenges and opportunities within energy, property, and mobility.

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