Build a defining company of tomorrow from Australia

Antler is a global early-stage VC helping build the defining companies of tomorrow by investing in the most exceptional people in Australia.

Supporting founders from concept to Series C

Antler identifies and invests in exceptional individuals and early-stage businesses with the potential to build global companies. 

The platform supports startups from inception, starting with team formation and business model validation, through to providing an unmatched capital pathway.

We invest at the pre-seed stage and look to continue investing through Series C, building our relationship with portfolio companies as a long-term investor and supporter. This is particularly evident in our local portfolio growth, having invested in ~50 companies since mid-2019. This is more early-stage bets than any other VC in Australia.

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Antler Australia FAQs
  • Who should apply?

    Antler helps you meet potential co-founder(s), form a team or add to your existing team. Working with Antler will also help you to test and validate the problem you have identified, enable you to build a technology startup to solve it, and then invest in it. Additionally, Antler helps to de-risk common pinch points throughout the business building and scaling journey with dedicated coaching, practical workshops, and, of course, insightful and helpful resources.

  • Why Antler?

    Antler is Australia’s only truly global VC platform

    Our global footprint provides the unique ability for the businesses we invest in to reference international startup ecosystems for quicker scaling, due diligence and problem-solving, and provides unparalleled access to the world’s fastest growing community of founders of early-stage startups.

    Antler is an unmatched capital pathway

    Beyond our initial investment we help you build momentum and attract the right investors so you have the resources you need to succeed. We leverage our deep relationships with top international VCs and angel investors, and our global network of 500 experts in technology, entrepreneurship, business and academia, to accelerate this process.

  • How do I join?

    Depending on where you are at in your entrepreneurial journey, there are multiple ways you can start working with Antler.

    Antler Launch Academy

    If you are still learning or seeking to upskill yourself before launching your own company, the Antler Launch Academy is a free online course in which Antler opens up its playbook and introduces you to a community of like-minded people. Find out more here.

    Build your company with Antler

    Join Antler to build a global technology startup and receive our funding.

    Antler invests in startups build by teams formed in the five-month company building program, and pre-existing businesses eager to leverage the value of the Antler platform to grow and scale their company.

    Apply here.

  • How can I participate in the Antler Angel Experience?

    Antler Angel Experience gives investors the VC advantage.

    Antler’s unique model enables it to have a competitive advantage in identifying, investing in, and scaling startups. 

    Antler Angels unlocks this process, providing unrivalled access to participating investors in the form of:

    - An unparalleled source of deal flow to vetted early-stage startups

    - Exclusive behind-the-scenes access to company formation and validation

    - Access to Antler’s due diligence process and VC insights

    - Later-stage investment opportunities within fast-growing startups

    Learn more or apply to join other Antler Angels investing ahead of and/or alongside Antler’s follow-on investors.

  • Learn more!

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Applications now open for January 2022
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  • What you need to know

    When it comes to support, Antler provides a stipend to founders whilst they build their company (full-time) with us.

    Antler’s standard investment terms are AU$190,000 at AU$1.4m pre-money valuation. The majority of our investments are made under these standard terms. At Antler’s discretion, we may offer a higher investment amount and/or valuation (up to $3m pre-money). We base this on previous pricing events in your business, traction/revenue, market comparables, return on investment potential and funding needs.

    Learn more about our platform here.

Australian portfolio companies

Upcoming events

Antler Australia Ask Me Anything

Antler’s Ask me Anything Sessions are a chance for you to hear from our team and local portfolio company founders on what it means to build a business with Antler. 

Learn about Antler’s incredible growth to date, how we support entrepreneurs from inception to Series C, what we look for in a founder and more! Along with our local team, you will be joined by portfolio companies, One Key Access and Hudled, as they share their experience building with Antler. 

Where and when?

Thursday, October 28th, 6:30 am


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Alumni stories

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The opportunity to work with people who are experts in so many fields and industries, while you’re in a structured program where you can get support on a range of challenges that startups face, it’s a win.

Skye Theodorou

Co-founder and CEO of Upcover

Sydney (2019)

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