Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Antler India.

  • Who qualifies for Antler India?

    If you are a founder grappling with an ambitious problem statement with a unique insight, we want you to apply. Our only requirements:

    • You have high conviction in one ambitious idea and want to build, or are building a startup around that idea.
    • You have taken some time to validate your idea and insight (for example: user research, stakeholder conversations, prototype, MVP experiments).
    • Ideally, you have not raised any institutional funding (VC funding). This excludes bootstrapping, friends and family, or angel investors.
  • What if I only have an idea?

    We accept founders at the pre-product / idea stage. However, there must be some effort shown to validate the idea (for example: user research, stakeholder conversations, prototype experiments). In case you have not sufficiently validated your idea, we request you to apply after you do.

  • What sectors qualify for Antler?

    We are sector agnostic.

  • What if I have two or three ideas? Should I submit multiple applications?

    We allow only one application per founder/team. Please pick your most high-conviction idea for your application. We do not recommend submitting multiple ideas. We believe that a single idea with insights, understanding, and user research is significantly more valuable than multiple half-baked ones. 

  • What if I do not have a cofounder?

    We accept solo founders. However, please note that Antler India will not undertake cofounder matching as part of our Platform and Program.

  • What if I already have a product?

    We accept founders and teams who have already launched their product. Antler India Platform helps such teams accelerate PMF, growth and gain access to further rounds of capital.

  • What if I’ve already been working on my startup for a while?

    That is perfectly fine; you can apply to the Antler Investment process.

  • What if I already raised friends and family, or angel money?

    Finding your first backers is a great achievement. We accept founders who have raised non-institutional capital, but ideally, we would like to be your first institutional VC cheque.

  • What if I already raised some money from a VC?

    While our strong preference is to be a startup’s first institutional investor, we understand that in certain cases, VC-funded startups may also benefit from Antler’s platform and program. Feel free to apply and we will evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

  • I’m still not sure if I qualify. What can I do?

    Please read this section carefully. If there are any remaining questions, please email "" and use ‘Qualification Criteria’ in the subject line for this email.

  • Is the Antler India Founders Program conducted post-investment?

    Yes, Antler Portfolio Founders are inducted into the Antler Platform and Program post-investment.

  • Will Antler India help me find a cofounder?

    We do not undertake co-founder matching currently.

  • Will Antler India help me find an idea to work on?

    We do not think Antler India is well-suited to help founders come up with an idea from scratch. Founders are expected to apply with a high-conviction idea where they already have a unique insight and have taken some steps to validate the idea (for example: customer conversations, user research, stakeholder interviews, prototype experiments). 

    We understand that things change quickly in the early-stage with rapid iteration and customer feedback. Some founders may change their idea entirely in the first few months. We can help you navigate such changes, but we expect a baseline idea and validation to take part in the Investment process.

  • Why is the Antler India Program different from other Antler programs in international geographies?

    All Antler programs operate under one brand and mission (to back the world’s most exceptional people) but each geography structures their own program based on the needs of that particular market. India is a relatively mature venture ecosystem -- and after conducting deep qualitative and quantitative research with 1,000+ founders in the ecosystem, we have designed the Antler India Platform and Program to solve specific problems voiced by the community.

Application Process
  • What is the application process?

    Antler India Applications are now open. All applications received by 10th December will receive a response before 21st December, 2021.

    The application process is as below:

    Step One: Apply online. If you qualify, please apply by filling in your basic details here. This application should not take more than 1-2 hours of your time and is designed to help you think deeply about your idea and startup. If you wish to complete the application later, click the button 'SEND ME AN EMAIL. I WANT TO COMPLETE LATER'. You will receive a link to the rest of the application in your email.

    Step Two: First-round interviews. You will hear back from us within 7 days after the Detailed Application Form submission, on whether or not you qualify for the first round interview. Only 10-20% of all applications will qualify for the interview stage. The first round of interviews with our team will focus on digging deeper into your idea/startup, team, and motivations.

    Step Three: Detailed interview. You will hear back from us within 5 days after your first-round interview on whether or not you qualify for our detailed interview. These are 45-minute calls on your product.

    Step Four: Partner interview. You will hear back from us within 5 days after your Detailed interview. This is a 30-minute call with our Partners.
    Step-Five: Investment Decision. You will be notified of the investment decision within 3 days of your pitch.

  • I’m facing some technical issues with my application. Who can help me?

    For technical issues with your application, please email "". Please use the subject line: ‘Technical glitch during submission’ for this email.

  • What if I submit my application late?

    We generally do not accept late applications - we are running very tight timelines on a high volume of submissions. If there are truly exceptional circumstances / reasons for your application to be late, please email "" at the earliest. Please use the subject line: ‘Late Application’ for this email.

  • Why was my application rejected?

    Due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to give personalized feedback to every single applicant. 

  • What should I expect in the interviews?

    You will be interviewing with Antler team members or Partners to discuss your startup, team and motivations. You do not need to have a deck for these interviews - these are conversations to get to know you better. 

    Come prepared. Be yourself.

  • How long is the Founders Program?

    The Program duration is 3-4 weeks, and will be conducted remotely until further notice. Our Program team has worked tirelessly to ensure a seamless and cohesive virtual program experience.

    For more details, please see Program and Portfolio Platform Overview on Antler India’s Page.

  • How many hours do I need to spend per week in the Founders Program and Portfolio Platform?

    The Antler Founders Program will require you to spend 5 hours per week for 3-4 weeks. Most of the program sessions, office hours and partner meetings will be conducted on Tuesday and Friday of each week so that the rest of the time is free for founders to build.

    The Antler Portfolio Platform is tailored as per each startup’s need and will require roughly 1-3 hours per week.

    Both phases are fully remote, and can be attended from anywhere.

    We understand that founders need to prioritize building. The idea is to create light-touch structures to enable that, not to take away time from your startup.

  • Can the whole founding team (co-founders/early team members) attend the Founders Program?

    The primary founder / CEO designate is required to join the program. We encourage all co-founders to also join. 

    We are unable to accommodate other team members at this time.
    The Antler Portfolio Platform is also accessible to founders and co-founders at the moment.

  • Is the program remote?

    Yes, both Founders Program and Portfolio Platform are remote and can be attended from anywhere.

  • How much funding can I get from Antler India? What are the key terms?

    Antler India will select and fund founders in the range of USD 175,000 to USD 250,000 at the earliest stages.

  • Is there a program fee?

    No, Antler India does not charge a program fee to founders. Founders who are funded will receive the full funding amount for their startup.

  • What happens if I have other investors who have already committed to funding my startup?

    For founders who pass the Investment Committee, we will work with you on a case-by-case basis to enable you to involve selected, highest-value investors as part of the funding round.

  • How will Antler India help me raise my next round of VC funding?

    Antler India will help you run an efficient fundraising process by crafting your story, making the right introductions, and briefing you on key terms for negotiation. 

  • Will Antler India fund my future rounds as well?

    Yes. Antler India will reserve a significant portion of its fund (in addition to funds from Antler Global) to double down on our portfolio companies as they raise future rounds.

Exceptions/Edge cases
  • Can Antler participate in my seed round?

    Antler India funds startups at the earliest stage, with a pre-seed amount in the range of $175k - $250k. For founders who are already constructing a larger round and would like to seek standalone funding from Antler, please write to us at ""
    Please use ‘Seed Funding ONLY’ in the subject line for this email.